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LED Light Therapy with Acupuncture

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About Me

In this life journey, I’ve had many callings, done many things, been to many places and feel joy to continue on. With that said, here’s how I became the healer I am today….. My journey began about 20 years ago after being struck by a car. Wham! In an instant my life changed. I found the most amazing Physical Therapist who helped me get back on my rails. My favorites modalities were Massage and Acupuncture. My healing experience was so profound; I became a licensed massage therapist that year.


Tracey’s unique approach to pain management has certainly improved the quality of my life. She is a skilled practitioner and the combination of acupuncture with body realignment has helped me manage chronic back pain that was at times very debilitating. I'm able to exercise again and no longer dependent on muscle relaxers and over the counter pain relievers.

Thomas B.

I had a year of major life events. All took a real toll on my body and skin. My skin appeared dull and I felt like my body was coming apart at the seams. A colleague referred me to Tracey for a facial, and the treatment left me feeling renewed and my skin looks amazing. Herbal masks, aromatherapy and a treatment that delivers results.

Kimberly C.

I can't say enough about Tracey's overall talent as a healer, acupuncturist and aestetician, as well as her microneedling treatments. I've had six micro-needling sessions over the past year or so, and each time they are fully pampering, while getting the job done. The results I've experienced include reduction of fine lines (especially around my eyes), evened out skin pigmentation and tighter skin overall. I'm 39 and her treatments have become a very important part of my anti-aging (aka, aging gracefully) regimen. I've compared notes with friends' who have received microneedling at their dermatologist's office and our experiences couldn't have been more different. With Tracey, you feel like you're receiving a fully soothing spa treatment, and you leave relaxed and glowing. Those that go to the dermatologist report that it's quick, painful and clinical, and their face was extremely red when they left. Tracey's sessions are personalized to your specific wellness needs. They include acupuncture, a deep cleanse, a masque, microcurrent and an incredibly soothing jade roller application. She makes all of the facial products just for you, and they smell amazing and work wonders for your skin. If you want to have younger looking skin without nasty chemicals or invasive treatments -- and while boosting your overall health -- I highly recommend Tracey for microneedling!

Erika F.

Tracey's CannaBliss serum made my skin so much brighter. I've found that most moisturizers or serums leave my skin oily and sometimes feeling clogged. This serum absorbed into my skin without making it feel like I had anything "extra" on my face. I hadn't changed my routine at all and within a day noticed that my skin was not only moisturized but it was also more even. It gives you that glow, and in the winter when my skin can dull out, I noticed immediately how much brighter it made my face. I highly recommend this product, Tracey makes CannaBliss with thought, care and so much love, it felt like I was treating myself to a facial by just putting on some serum.

5 STARS!!!!!

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