About Me

In this life journey, I’ve had many callings, done many things, been to many places and feel joy to continue on. With that said, here’s how I became the healer I am today….. My journey began about 20 years ago after being struck by a car. Wham! In an instant my life changed. I found the most amazing Physical Therapist who helped me get back on my rails. My favorites modalities were Massage and Acupuncture. My healing experience was so profound; I became a licensed massage therapist that year. During my spa odyssey, I discovered skincare. What is this magickal elixir that promises a youthful appearance? I began researching many formulations and found that they were full of ingredients with horrible side effects. I wanted to understand how this could impact the body, so I decided to become an aesthetician and specialize in holistic skincare. Then, one day I was ready for the commitment to study Chinese Medicine. There was no turning back, this was my next big thing….and I am so grateful that I answered the call. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, has added an elevated dimension to my work. I help patients, explore the root causes and the energetics of the patterns that cause discomfort , imbalance and disease. Acupuncture is a complete medicine, that addresses both the mind and the body. Many patients have a therapeutic experience that is profound, deep and meaningful in a way that connects them to the wonders and beauty of their bodies.


  • NYS Licensed Acupuncturist, MSTOM, Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine, NY
  • Certified Herbalist
  • NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, The Swedish Institute, NY
  • NYS Licensed Aesthetician, ITEC-UK
  • Holistic Skin Care Practitioner, Aromatherapy
  • Medical Cannabis Clinician, Member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians
  • Ortho-Bionomy Training Phase 4: Spine, Extremities, Exploration of Movement