1)  De-stress:

Stress can cause many health issues to include hypertension, tension headaches, sore stiff muscles, dry dehydrated skin, early signs of aging.  2 ways of combating stress are taking the time each day for yourself, even if it’s just 15 minutes of  “me” time.  I like having a cup of tea, taking off my shoes and relaxing for a moment.  I don’t answer the phone, or think about my next task.  Just breathe and enjoy the ritual of having your cup of tea.  It’s important to schedule your “me” time and be consistent   This is a healthy pleasure, your daily ritual.

Another way to destress is with breathing exercises.   I love using a method called square breathing.  Basically you count your inhalations and exhalations:

INHALE, count to 6, hold inhalation for 4 counts

EXHALE, count to 6, hold inhalation for 4 counts.


This is breathing with intention.  Our lifestyle causes us to have shallow breathing, and most people are not aware that they are breathing from the chest only.  Shallow breathing can contribute to feelings of anxiety and fatigue.  Breathing with intention allows you to slow down, and give your body more oxygen, which energizes but also quiets the mind.

2) Get Enough Rest:

Having good sleep hygiene is key.  How many of you watch tv, use your tablet, talk on the phone, answer email, before bedtime.  It’s important to gear down for bedtime.  At leat 15 minutes before  bed, quiet your mind and relax.  The quality of your sleep will improve and you’ll have more energy during the day.


3) Drink More Water:

You’re  probably dehydrated.  We often don’t get enough water to drink during the day of hustle and bustle.  Your skin needs moisture inside and out.  I love to add apple slices, lemon, or cucumber slices to my water..It’s like giving myself a spa treatment.  Ahhh


4)  Have A Clean Diet:

It’s great to give your body a cleanse every now and then.  We are bombarded with processed foods, sugar, salt, and bad fats.  Giving your body a break every now then, removes toxins and alleviates inflammation, which can cause bloating, distention, aches and pains.  You don’t have to go crazy, a three day break can be rejuvenating.  I eat well during my cleansing period, this is not a fast.  Eating more leafy greens, fruits, and whole grains can do wonders for your body.  I do eliminate sugar, gluten, coffee, and alcohol during the cleansing period.  This encourages the body to detox, without retoxing.  For more information please go to www.cleanprogram.com.  Dr. Alejandro Junger has revolutionized the clean eating movement, and has made it accessible to all.

5) Exercise Your Body and Your Face:

I’m not exactly the run to the gym type of girl..In fact I cringe at the idea.  If you’re into going to the gym than kudos to you, you’re ahead of the game and should give yourself a gold star.  For the rest of us let me tell you how necessary movement is.  When you exercise you can control your weight, de-stress, improve your mood, boost your energy, get better sleep, put the zing back into your sex life, and give your skin that healthy blush of life.  For my body, I like to power walk in the park, and jump rope both are very invigorating and are free.  For my face, I use a facial exercise regimen called 5 Minute Face-Lift, A Daily Program for a Beautiful Wrinkle Free Face by Reinhold Benz (Available at Amazon).  This book breaks down the muscles of the face for the reader and shows you how to work those muscles for a more youthful appearance.  It really works!!

6) Cleanse Your Face Every Night, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I hear every excuse for not washing your face before bed…I didn’t get home until late, I’m too tired after taking care of the kids all day, ect…This is an important step.  NO EXCUSES.  Your skin rejuvenates and repairs when you are sleeping.  During the day your skin works hard for you, protecting you from harmful pathogens, and UV damage.  It is important to give your skin a clean field to work with so that you can look your best and well rested.

7) Exfoliate:

Exfoliation removes impurities and improves skin turnover.  Young skin, teens and 20’s turns over every 28 days.  As we get older this process slows down.  It can take as long as 40 to 60 days  for your skin to turn over with age.  We can improve the quality and texture of the skin with exfoliation.  You probably have some great items in your kitchen already.  I like to use Apple Cider Vinegar as an exfoliant.  ACV is acidic, and will help remove the dead skin layer and kill bacteria that can cause acne.  I use a 10% solution of ACV and add 90% water.  For sensitive skin you may want to start off with a 5% solution.  I use this daily.  You could also use scrubs, but be careful that they are not too rough.  This could cause micro tears to the skin and make the skin irritated.  Sugar grains are gentle and effective.

8)  Sun Screen, Protect Yourself:

Protection is key.  Most sun damage occurs before the age of 18.  More than 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed each year in the United States.  That’s more than all oher cancers combined.  This is a preventable cancer..Wear Sun Screen.  Look for sun screen with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is also anti-inflammatory and is great for sensitive skin.

9) Use Clean and Green Formulations:

My philosophy is, if I can’t eat it, I don’t want to put it on my body.  Your skin absorbs 60% of the products used topically, whether natural or chemical.  We slather our children down with lotions  as soon as they come into the world, and we use products all our lives. Parabens  have been linked to breast cancer and can disrupt endocrine function. Dr. Mercola published an article that  states that 99% of Breast Cancer patients have parabens in their body.  Using “cleaner” formulations are healthier and inexpensive options.

10) Love Yourself, Don’t be so Hard On Yourself:

Having a positive mental attitude, PMA is key to a long and healthy life.  Be your authentic self, rally in your achievenments and learn from your failures.  It’s all good.  Your good and wonderful, and awesome.  Remind yourself of that every now and then!  Throw yourself a party, complete with confetti….Smile, because you’re beautiful.