Serenity is Happiness….

What is the true meaning of serenity.  It comes from the root word SERENE:


a : clear and free of storms or unpleasant change <serene skies>

b : shining bright and steady <the moon, serene in glory —


: marked by or suggestive of utter calm and unruffled repose or quietude <a serene smile>

Origin of SERENE

Middle English, from the Latin word, serenus.  Meaning; clear, cloudless, untroubled


As I mull the meaning over in my mind, I feel a sense of calm come over me.  We’re so easily rattled by the events of the day, hurricanes, terror attacks, or the stresses of being able to provide for our families.

I was having dinner with my brother recently, and we had a discussion about being happy, my theory is that happiness is a practice.  What I should have told him is that serenity is the root of happiness.  When we slow down our minds, we can be clear and free of the storms that occur during our day, we have serenity.  Sounds a lot like meditation.  The sages knew the secret of change begins with a quiet mind.

Shining bright and steady implies that this is an active state of being, not passive.  How can we get there you ask?  Breathing with intention, being in the moment, acknowledging with gratitude the people who guide you along the way.

The yin and yang of it is, that we are constantly changing, life isn’t static.  The good news is that when you think wow, things just can’t get any darker, the wheel turns and we’re in the light again.  We should also learn that when we are in the the light, that the dark will eventually come.  We’re hard wired to be able to cope.  We human beings need quiet in order to tap into the alchemy of serenity.  Clear, quiet, untroubled….

Peace and light to you all.